Births in Ljubljana during Second World War with a Particular Focus on Illegitimate Births and the Care of Mothers and Children


  • Dunja Dobaja


Second World War, births, birth rate, Hospital for Women's Diseases in Ljubljana, Regional Association for the Protection of Mothers and Children, birth control, Ljubljana


The first part of the paper presents a birth rate statistics for Ljubljana during the Second World War, based on archive sources, such as the birth protocols of the Hospital for Women's Diseases in Ljubljana from the 1941-1945 period and annual reports on the health situation in the city for the same period by Dr. Mavricij Rus, a city physician. Although the annual report for 1942 has not been preserved, fragments of data for the missing year were retrieved from the reports for other years. In the second part, health and social care of mothers and infants is outlined using the aforementioned annual reports, material from the municipal socio-political office and daily newspapers. The author mainly focuses on infants and preschool children in Ljubljana.






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