About the Journal

The Contributions to Contemporary History journal presents the recent research of the Slovenian (as well as foreign) historiography for the period of the 19th and 20th century (political, economic, cultural and social history). Initially the journal focused on the history of the workers' movement, but gradually its scope has been extended to include other topics as well. Apart from scientific articles the journal also publishes reviews and reports about the more important contemporary history works. The journal also regularly publishes historical documentation listing the selected historical sources complete with expert commentary.

Peer Review Process

All articles in the Contributions to Contemporary History are subject to double-blind reviews. This ensures not only the anonymity of the authors and reviewers, but also the quality and authenticity of the articles. Reviewers are appointed from among the experts in the field that the submitted work focuses on.

The editor-in-chief shall be the first to review all the submitted contributions. Should these contributions be suitable in terms of their contents, originality, methodology and scientific article typology, the editor shall appoint two reviewers.

The editorship shall ensure two reviews for every contribution fulfilling the aforementioned conditions. The reviewers must inform the editors of any potential conflicts of interests, which could affect their ability to provide unbiased reviews.

The reviewers shall evaluate the contributions in terms of their originality, importance for scientific development, scientific and methodological suitability (including the consideration of previous relevant research in the field under consideration), and suitable presentation of arguments. The Open Journal System tools shall be used for the reviews. The reviewers shall fill out the review form, indicating their decision on the final evaluation of the contribution, their findings, as well as potential notes for the authors and/or editor-in-chief.

Four decisions are possible:

  • the contribution is accepted for publication without any corrections;
  • the contribution requires minor corrections: the authors should correct their contributions in line with the reviewers' comments and upload them to the Open Journal System; the decision shall be made by the editor-in-chief;
  • the contribution requires major corrections: the authors should correct their contributions thoroughly in line with the reviewers' comments and upload them to the Open Journal System; in accordance with the judgement of the editor-in-chief, the same reviewers shall re-check the corrected contributions;  
  • the contribution is rejected.

In case of a negative review the articles cannot be published in the Contributions to Contemporary History journal. On the basis of a positive opinion of the reviewers, the editor-in-chief shall inform the authors about the acceptance of their contributions for publication (together with the publication category).

Before publication the authors shall also receive corrections, which they should review and confirm. The authors must return the corrections to the editorship within two workdays. The authors are responsible for all changes, which are not merely typographical corrections and format changes. Therefore it is advisable that the authors re-read the whole text carefully before the final submission.

Publication Frequency

Journal Prispevki za novejšo zgodovino / Contributions to Contemporary History is published 3 times per. IN PRESS issues are also availabe.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.