National Liberation Struggle for Liberty and for Popular Government in Yugoslavia

Referat na mednarodnem znanstvenem posvetovanju "La resistenza tra lotta armata e governo" na univerzi v Milanu od 11. do 13. decembra 1975.


  • Dušan Biber Inštitut za zgodovino delavskega gibanja


Komunistična partija Jugoslavije, NOB, revolucija, socializem, ljudska oblast


In his paper presented at the International Scientific Conference held at the University of Milan from December 11 to 13, 1975, the author discusses the key issues about the strategy and tactics of the Yugoslav Communist Party and the National Liberation Movement in the struggle for liberation and the seizure of power. The National War of Liberation was undoubtedly also a socialist revolution; however, it generally began to be defined as such only after the year 1963, when the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia was proclaimed. During the Second World War the term national revolution was used only exceptionally, the term national war of liberation being applied as a rule. The author gives a concise survey of the principal phases of the struggle against the emigrant governments until the constitution of the joint temporary government of the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia on March 7, 1945.






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