Sir Neville Henderson on the Policy of King Alexander towards the Nazi Germany

  • Dušan Biber


The paper presented at the international conference »The Germans, Poland and Europe, 1871—1971«, held on October 11—12 at the University A. Mickiewicz in Poznan, Poland, cites the assessment of the then British ambassador Henderson of the policy of rapprochement between the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Third Reich. King Alexander did not try to conceal his sympathy towards Hitler, he did not oppose the Anschluss. He looked upon Germany as a counterbalance to the expansionism of Italy and expected German supremacy in Central Europe. He considered Russia, whether Bolshevist or other, the greatest danger for the Balkans. He advocated the independence of Yugoslavia. Henderson anticipated that, in spite of the alliance with France, Yugoslavia would arrive at an agreement with Italy, then Germany and finally also with Russia.