The Office of Strategic Services on Yugoslavia - A War until Extermination


  • Dušan Biber


OSS, obveščevalna služba, sruga svetovna vojna, ameriške misije, Tito, Draža Mihajlović


On the basis of the sources from the National Archives in Washington, the author deals with the research work on the internal Yugoslav situation between 1942 and 1945, made by the Research & Analysis Department of the Office of Strategic Services. The Department was receiving the reports from the American missions at the Chetnik and Partisan Headquarters, of General Draža Mihailović and Josip Broz Tito, and kept contacts with a number of Yugoslav politicians in exile and emigrant organizations. The analysts, the most important of whom were two brothers, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Wayne Vucinich, produced a series of incisive analyses of the military and political situation and trends in the occupied Yugoslavia. However brilliant, these analyses only had a gradual and limited influence on the US government policy towards Yugoslavia.






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