Partisan Photographer and Organiser of the Photojournalist Service Franjo Veselko (1905-1977)

  • Dejan Vončina Notranjski muzej Postojna
Keywords: Second World War, Slovenia, Bela krajina, partisan propaganda photography, partisan Photojournalist Service


From 1943 until the end o f World War II, Franjo Veselko (1905-1977), professor of history and geography, was a partisan photographer and organiser of the Photojournalist Service. Since April 1944 until May 1945 he managed the photography section of the Propaganda Commission within the Presidency of the Slovenian National Liberation Council and taught at the partisan gymnasium (secondary school) in Črnomelj. In this period he made around 2000 diverse photographs, transcending the mere documentary level, which places Franjo Veselko at the very peak of partisan photography. With his theoretical knowledge in the field of propaganda photography, Veselko wrote several guidelines about what the partisan photojournalists should focus on and how to take photographs in the field. Veselko belongs among the key Personalities in the field of organising the partisan Photojournalist Service.