Sister of Mercy and Photographer Hermina (Justina) Pacek

  • Dejan Vončina Notranjski muzej Postojna, Kolodvorska cesta 3, SI6230 Postojna
Keywords: photography, historical, social, ethnological, journalistic photography, sisters of mercy


The photographer and sister of mercy Hermina (Justina) Pacek is a special and unique case in the Slovenian space as well as elsewhere. There are several reasons for this: in the1950s only a few women in Slovenia and Yugoslavia pursued the occupation of a photographer, as this was mostly a »male« profession. However, it was all the more peculiar that a sister of mercy should also be a photographer. Regardless of the specific circumstances, the implications of Sister Hermina's photography, produced as a result of her work within the sisterhood in Belgrade as well as in the field, are surprisingly diverse. Regarding the topics, her photography touches upon various fields: documentary, historical, medical, social (e.g. the elderly, sick and needy in the remote villages), and ethnological (e.g. Letnica in the north of Kosovo).