Fotografinja Julijana Šelhaus (1892-1975)

  • Dejan Vončina Zavod Krasen Kras
Keywords: Slovenia, World War II, Gorenjska, photography, photojournalist



Julijana Šelhaus was recognised especially as a successful studio and underground photographer. She also excelled in blackandwhite and colour retouching. Few female photographers attained success with persistence and enterprise while taking care of their family as well, but in Škofja Loka Julijana Šelhause managed to do precisely that: assert herself as an independent photographer with her own studio. Her husband Janko and younger son Edi were also involved in photography. She was a very patriotic and brave woman who collaborated with the Liberation Front regardless of the consequences. She produced duplicates from the negatives of German soldiers, policemen and even Gestapo, revealing the cruelties of the German occupation army in the Gorenjska region. Hence she succeeded in preserving the photographic material about the brutal reprisals of the German occupiers, which is extremely important for the contemporary Slovenian history.