The Partisans ofthe Company of Slavia Italiana (Benečija) in front of thè Italian Court

  • Nevenka Troha Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino
Keywords: Italy, Slovenia, Slavia Italiana, Slovenians in Italy, partisans, judicial process


The following discussion focuses on the investigation and judicial process against 50 Partisans of the so-called Company of Benečija in front of the Italian court. 32 of them were, among other things, accused of high treason against their homeland, that is, Italy. The investigation started in August 1945, and the process was concluded on 14 July 1959, when the Jury Court in Florence pronounced the verdict. Some of the accused were acquitted of certain allegations, and the criminal proceeding against ali of the accused was stopped on the basis of the Amnesty of 11 July 1959.


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