Slovenes and Croats in Slav Companies in Sardinia, Corsica and Southern France (1944-1945)


  • Nevenka Troha


Second World War, Italy, Allies, Special Companies, Partisans, volunteers, Julian March


The paper deals with the question of the return of several thousand Slovenes and Croats with Italian citizenship, who had been recruited to the Italian army and subsequently sent to the so-called special battalions in Sardinia. After its liberation the Allies redirected them to the so-called working detachments in Corsica and, from there, to southern France. Their fate largely depended on the situation on the battlefields as well as the political relations between the Allies. These people supported the annexation to Yugoslavia of the entire Julian March and could significantly strengthen the so-called pro-Yugoslav bloc, whereas western powers ever more openly supported Italy which had turned from an enemy into a bulwark of the western world against the Communist east.



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