(In)Comparable Conditions between the Czech and Slovene Lands During the Final Years of the Taaffe's Government

  • Andrej Pančur
Keywords: Slovenia, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, nineteenth century, Tomás Garrigue Masaryk, political parties, ethnic struggles, natural law, state law


In the paper, the author describes political and ethnic similarities and differences between the Czech and Slovene lands in the Habsburg monarchy in the early 1890's. He concludes that the Czech-German and the Slovene-German relations in these lands were fatally overloaded with a reciprocal sense of threat and ethnic disregard. Such inter-ethnic conditions inevitably became a breeding ground for recurrent conflicts, aggravating the existing political situation and obscuring the diametric differences between the Slovene support for natural law and the Czech support for state law.


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