Public Demands for Control of the State Budget and the Beginning of Democratization in the Habsburg Monarchy and Carniola


  • Andrej Pančur Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino, Kongresni trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana


Habsburg monarchy, democratization, parliamentarianism, budgeting, Carniola, bourgeoisie, revolution


One of the main factors which triggered the democratic process in the Habsburg monarchy was taxpayers' demand to control the State budget. This factor played a considerable role in the emergence of the constitutional life in the monarchy in 1848/49 and 1859/61. As well as presenting the general problems related to Austrian political and financial development, the author focuses in particular on the attitude of the Carniolan population towards the democratic process from the viewpoint of the struggle for parliamentary control of the budget. The mood of the Carniolans in this regard closely resembled that of the general public in the Habsburg monarchy. This mood also reflected the social structure of the Carniolan population which was devoid of a financially strong bourgeoisie or politically influential aristocracy who would actively influence the course of events. Because of this, the only thing this thin stratum of the politically conscious population in Carniola could do was respond in varying degrees to the national democratization.






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