Ivan Hribar versus Fran Šuklje

(Some political, economic and educational issues arising from the lawsuit between two prominent men and their memoirs)

  • Blaž Vurnik Mestni muzej Ljubljana, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Gosposka ulica 15
Keywords: Ljubljana, politics, memoirs, political history, liberalism, school system, judicial process


The political, patriotic and economic views of Ivan Hribar (1851-1941) and Fran Šuklje (1849-1935) clashed dramatically on several occasions. Although their first encounters displayed amicable intentions, their paths subsequently diverged. In their extensive, published memoirs, they exchanged accusations over some crucial chapters of Slovenian history, for example, the coalition of the National Progressive Party with the German Party in the Carniolan Provincial Parliament, in 1886. They also accused each other of abusing their positions and of many irregularities in their public activity.