The Spiritual and Political Situation of the Liberal and Catholic Political Forces before the Second World War

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Keywords: ideology, politics, liberalism, Catholicism, Fascism, Nazism


The author analyses the situation of the liberal and moderately conservative Christian socialist forces in the world between the two world wars, which faced three aggressive totalitarian regimes: Fascist, Nazi and Bolshevik. The Liberal and moderately conservative political forces found themselves in a subordinate and defensive position vis-à-vis the totalitarian regimes from the moment these emerged. After the First World War the liberal political system failed in its struggle against totalitarianism, unable to find a coalition partner either among the Socialists on the left, or the moderately conservative parties on the right. These, by and large, rejected anything liberal or socialist, showing more sympathy for fascism. Liberalism was rescued by Great Britain and the United States of America (F. D. Roosevelt). Only during the Second World War did renowned Catholics find their way into the anti-fascist coalition.