Ideological-political Disputes in the Slovenska matica Organisation from the End of the 19th Century until World War I

  • Željko Oset Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino
Keywords: Slovenia, culture, Slovenska matica organisation, politics, cultural struggle, politicisation of cultural societies


In the following article the author analyses the tense developments in Slovenska matica, the leading Slovenian cultural organisation, in the time of stronger ideological clashes from the end of the 1890s until World War I. Slovenska matica operated as a Society whose intention was to publish Slovenian scientific and popular scientific books. The Society was actively involved in the pressing cultural problems (from the standardisation of the Slovenian language and the establishment of Slovenian scientific terminology to the efforts to ensure Slovenian secondary schools and found a Slovenian university). With its activities it was strongly integrated into the social environment, thus the changes in the society, especially after the dissolution of the political unity and the gradual separation of spirits, resounded strongly and had significant influence on the Slovenska matica organisation. The argumentation was replaced by ideologically and politically marked standpoints. That was especially distinctive during the publishing of Štrekelj's collection of Slovenian folk songs and the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Primož Trubar's birth.