The Role of National Assembly of Republic of Slovenia About Regulating Border with Republic of Croatia

  • Janko Prunk Fakulteta za družbene vede Univerze v Ljubljani, Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Croatia, foreign policy, foreign relations, border, parliamentarism, parliament


Author is analyzing the role of the Slovene parliament – Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia (1990–1992) and the National Assembly of Republic of Slovenia (from 1992) –, in resolving the border dispute with the Republic of Croatia. The Slovene parliament was until now rather restraint and has left much of the initiative to the Government of Slovenia. There are only a few examples when Slovene parliament took a stand: in 1991 The fundamental constitutional document on autonomy and independence), in 1993 The Memorandum on Piran Bay, in 2001 Committee for international relations of the National Assembly confirmed the Drnovšek-Račan agreement and in 2009 the National Assembly accepted the Resolution on the protection of national interests.