Narodnoosvobodilni svet za Primorsko Slovenijo in njegovo delo


  • Tone Ferenc


Second World War, 1943 - 1945, National Liberation War, Primorska region


The first half of the year 1943 gave the Liberation movement in the Slovene Littoral such a broadness and intensivity that, after the collapse of Italy it grew over into a new form of fighting, into a general armed rising of the Slovene Littoral people against the national and social oppression. In this rising on 11th September 1943, the National Liberation Council for the Slovene Littoral was founded, consisting of twenty-one numbers, who would as the representative of the Littoral Slovene people under the direction of the IOOF (the Executive Committee of the Liberation Front) lead (the liberation war to its happy close. His intention and wish was that the Littoral Slovenes would be united with other Slovenes in the United Slovenia. On the base of this proclamation, issued at the occasion of foundation, the Supreme Command of the Liberation Front on 16th September 1943, proclamated the annexation of the Slovene Littoral to United Slovenia and to New Yugoslavia.



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