Some Aspects of the Operation of the League of Combatants of War

"The Organization of Combatants is Steady and Strong. It is a Union of Hearts and Souls. It is a Foundation of Friendship and Love among Nations."

  • Petra Svoljšak
Keywords: First World War, League of Combatants, veterans, the war-disabled, social assistance, Yugoslavia, monuments


The paper examines the activity of the League of Combatants of War (1931-1941), which was composed of First World War veterans, most of whom were former soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army. The League was a non-political and non-partisan organization focused on preserving the memory of the Great War. Whilst its main activity was campaigning for the erection of monuments to the fallen First World War soldiers, it was also active in the social field through so-called self-help and the concern to secure social assistance for the war-disabled. It can be concluded, from the states indifference and its shaping of the collective memory of the First World War period, that former soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army were considered second class veterans whose remembrance, for historic reasons, was not included in the official commemoration of the Great War in Yugoslavia.