The Attitudes towards the Key Issues of the Afterwar Economic Structure in the Work of the Scientific Institutions of the Presidium of SNOS (Slovene National Liberation Council)

  • Zdenko Čepič Inštitut za zgodovino delavskega gibanja
Keywords: after-war period, economic history, economic progress, economy, country, cooperative


Drawing on archival sources, the author discusses the contributions of economists and other experts (not politicians) and their views on the postwar economic system and its development. They were drafted by the institutions founded by the Presidium of SNOS with the intention of preparing scientific material required to establish the foundations of the State and the society after the Liberation (The Scientific Institute, The Study Committee). The author analyses their views on the key issues concerning the postwar economy, the role of the State and the new government, respectively, in the economy, the co-operative society system and the future cooperative policy.