National Defense Youth

(Omladina Narodne obrambe)


  • Anka Vidovič Miklavčič


Omladina Narodne odbrane, Mladina Narodne obrambe, Kraljevina SHS, narodnoobrambno gibanje, Kraljevina Jugoslavija, nacionalizem


On the basis of records and literary works the author describes the ideological profile and role of the young generation participating in the movement around a magazine entitled the »Pohod« (1932-1937) and the »Omladina Narodne Odbrane« (the National Defense Youth), a movement directed from its headquarters in Belgrade in the Drava Banovina the NDY had 16 chapters and 3 committees in which members were the youth from peasant and working classes, as well as secondary school students. In 1935, and academic NDY chapter was founded at the University ob Ljubljana. In their publications, »Pohod« (The March), »Omladina« (The Youth) and a special brochure »Who Are We? What do We Want?« the organization manifested their militant character, inviting the young generations to join the national defence against their competitors in the »Südmark« and the »Schulverein« clubs, preparing the young members to join the ranks of a radical national and social movement. The NDY always rejected both any form of class struggle and gradually acquired a character comparable to that of the emerging German national socialism.






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