The Court Prison in Ljubljana during the Second World War

  • Damijan Guštin Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino
Keywords: prisons, repression, crime, law, Second World War, political prisoners, national-liberation war


The author deals with the operation of the court prison in Ljubljana during the Second World War. The prison was used by both the Italian (1941-1943) and German (1943-1945) occupying regimes for the imprisonment of criminal offenders as well as the detention of those suspected of collaboration with the resistance movement. The Italian occupants used part of it for its Second Army's Military Court prison. Reliable sources suggest that during those four years, some 14,500 prisoners were interned in the prison, the capacity of which was 400. Such a large number required a more rapid turnover of prisoners and shorter periods of internment. The busiest months saw a new contingent of prisoners completely replacing the previous one every forthnight. In spite of this, the number of inmates held at a time exceeded the prison capacity up to three times (totaling to as many as 1,060).


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