Woman as an Object and a Subject in the Counter-revolutionary Camp in Slovenia During the Second World War

  • Boris Mlakar Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino
Keywords: women, Second World War, collaboration, counter-revolution, propaganda


The Slovene collaborationist, as indeed the entire counter-revolutionary, movement during the Second World War was an almost exclusively male affair. According to the leading ideologists, women were more than anything else expected to stay by the side of the men who fought their fight. The propaganda of General Rupnik's circle elevated the image of an ideal woman-mother who protects her home and raises a new healthy generation. Among the few active roles played by the women inside this formal collaborationist camp, one could mention the medical and administrative staff as well as those working at the block checks in Ljubljana, whereas in the so-called underground camp a mention could be made of the Girls' Legion whose members were involved in intelligence and propaganda activities.