Anton Korošec, Minister of Internal Affairs in 1928

  • Mateja Ratej ZRC SAZU, Sekcija za interdisciplinarno raziskovanje
Keywords: Yugoslavia, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Slovene People's Party, Anton Korošec, newspaper Slovenec, National Radical Party


In the following article the author presents the policy of the Slovenian People's Party in the time when its leader Anton Korošec was the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Velimir Vukićević. The author also discusses in detail the systematic action of the party to prevail in the printed media in the Slovenian territory after the assassination of Stjepan Radić; the motive for the action with the aim of building the society on the Catholic spiritual basis was a controversial caricature showing Korošec in a bloodstained priest's gown with a truncheon, wearing a gendarme's hat.