Transforming the Socially-Owned into Private Property: Privatisation of Apartments and Denationalisation

  • Aleksander Lorenčič Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino
Keywords: Slovenia, privatisation, privatisation of apartments, denationalisation, transition


The goal of the privatisation of apartments and denationalisation legislation was to establish clearly defined ownership and redress the injustices. However, as this was carried out, new injustices were frequently caused. With regard to the privatisation of socially-owned apartments many people, even today, still feel disadvantaged and underprivileged. Similar holds true of the denationalisation process, which is one of the most extensive, most expensive and certainly longest-lasting projects after the attainment of the Slovenian independence. Already during the adoption of the legislation as well as later, many experts believed that the legislation, which was to govern the property relations, demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the private-law structure of property rights.