A Tour by Petar Živković and the Leadership of the Yugoslav Nationalist Party in the Slovene Towns in 1937

  • Darko Friš
Keywords: Kingdom of Yugoslavia, political history, Yugoslav Radical Party, YRP, Yugoslav Nationalist Party, YNP, Petar Živković, political rallies


In the introduction, the paper gives a short review of the most important political events in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia after the resignation of Prime Minister Bogoljub Jevtić in June 1935 and shows the relationship between the newly emerged ruling Yugoslav Radical Party (YRP), which also included the members of the former Slovene People's Party (SPP) and the oppositional Yugoslav Nationalist Party (YNP). The author focuses on a detailed presentation and analysis of the events and reactions surrounding a week-long tour of Slovenia in June 1937 by Petar Živković, the YNP president, which proved to be the last of his unsuccessful attempts to revive the party.