Trieste in Slovene Political Thought until the First World War

  • Janko Pleterski Oddelek za zgodovino, Filozofska fakulteta


The general historical problem of the relations between the city and the surrounding provinces has, in the case of Trieste, additionally been a national problem of the relations of an Italian town towards its Slovene surroundings and hinterland In Italy, where no ethnic differences existed between towns and their surroundings prevailed the tradition that the provinces should follow the centre of civilization i. e' the city. It was just the other way round with Slovenes. Cities — enclaves should follow the ethnic character of the surrounding provinces. The problem was aggravated by the fact that, towards the end of the period discussed. Trieste came to be regarded, not only by Tuma and the social democrats, as the gravitational centre of the Slovene national development. The author argues the opinion that, in their political activity, Slovenes in this big port had enjoyed the support or the sympathies of the Vienna court, for it hat been planned that, in the event of war between Austria-Hungary and Italy, not only some Italians but also Slovenes be arrested.