Dr. Milan Lemež, the Monetary Institute of Slovenia, and the Concepts of Currency Reform in the New State in 1944


  • Damijan Guštin


Slovenia, money, payment note, currency reform, Monetary institute of Slovenia, currency replacement, Second World War


The debate on the future monetary system and the burning financial issues, started by the euphoric Slovene resistance movement after the victory of the allied coalition of the United Nations in 1944, raised many questions. The most significant ones were how to establish a financial system that would fit the planned federal system as well as it shape and role in the future social system. In an attempt to address these issues, Slovene financial experts within the National Liberation Movement (the Study Committee of the SNOS Presidency) devised the platform for a financial reform to be executed after the liberation of the country, whereby several different concepts emerged. The paper examines the proposals by Dr Milan Lemež and their differences with other proposals concerning the attitude towards the issue of payment notes and the role of the Monetary Institute of Slovenia in the currency reform.



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