The Assessment of Dr. Janez Ev. Krek and the Christian Socialism in Slovenia up to 1918 in the Book "The Development of Slovene National Question" by Edvard Kardelj

Poskus primerjalne analize


  • Damijan Guštin


Janez Evangelist Krek, Edvard Kardelj, zadružništvo, krščanski socializem, nacionalni program


The author has attempted, by means of comparative analysis of the first and the second edition, as well as the German translation of Edvard Kardelj's treatise, to establish the basic differences in the relevant section of the text and to analyze them with regard to the individual categories, such as the social origin and aims of the Christian Socialist movement, the views on the co-operative societies, Dr. Krek's national programme, the involvement of the movement in Slovene bourgeois policy. Drawing on literature, the author describes the social and political circumstances at the time the first edition was written, dealing also with the question of the appropriate characterization of the Christian Socialist movement.






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