Slovene People's Party and the Introduction of Autonomous Districts in 1927

  • Miroslav Stiplovšek Oddelek za zgodovino, Filozofska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani


In the forefront of the Slovene political life at the turn of 1926 and 1927 was the issue of self-government, which was being introduced in the largest, newly established administrative districts, in accordance with the provisions of Vidovdan Constitution, after more than a five year deferment caused by the centralists opposition. This issue also caused changes in the Government. The author highlights the position of the Slovene People's Party with regards to these autonomous districts which were due to their low competencies, far from the party's autonomist constitutional claims, and its attempt as a government party, to expand, as much as possible, the autonomy of Ljubljana and Maribor Districts and thus strengthen its political domination in Slovenia.