The Abolition of Autonomous Districts and the Institution of the Ban's Administration of Dravska Banovina in 1929

  • Miroslav Stiplovšek Oddelek za zgodovino, Filozofska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani


The author uses various sources to elucidate the relevance of the administrative measures, introduced by King Alexander after the imposition of his dictatorship in 1929, for the political position of Slovenia within the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The abolition of the Autonomous Districts of Ljubljana and Maribor, and their substitution with Dravska banovina (Ban's Province) and its Royal Ban's Administration, spelled a major turning point in the political history of Slovenia. The Slovene lands in Yugoslavia were, thereby, returned under a single administrative unit, any form of Slovene self-administration annihilated and its struggle for autonomy brought back to the starting point.