The Efforts of Rudolf Golouh and Albin Prepeluh for the Implementation of the Banate and Municipality Self-Management in the Ban's Council of the Drava Banate 1933-1935

  • Miroslav Stiplovšek
Keywords: Slovenia, Drava Banate, Ban's Council, municipality, self-management


With its opinions and proposals as the Ban's consulting body, in the 1930s the Ban's Council of the Drava Banate took part in the establishment of the Banate's budget for certain economic-social and educational-cultural activities, while its competences were exceeded in 1933 for the first time with its intervention in the political and legislative field. Rudolf Golouh and Albin Prepeluh, former members of the Yugoslav Social Democratic Party who were the only ones among the Ban's Councillors that refused to join the regime-supporting Yugoslav National Party, played an especially important role in the discussions about the pressing political problems. Their decisive efforts to implement the Banate and municipality self-management on the democratic basis with elected bodies as well as their critical views of the inappropriate attitude of the central government to the Drava Banate or the Yugoslav Slovenia in the period of the economic crisis were especially well-founded.


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