British Secret Service in Slovenia (1940-1941)

  • Jože Pirjevec Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Univerza v Trstu, I-34100 Trieste/Trst, Via Economo 12/3
Keywords: the TIGR organization, sabotage, resistance, anti-Fascist actions, British secret services


A document from the archives of the British secret service organization Special Operations Executive speaks about its contacts (i.e. about the contacts of its precursor, Section D) with Slovene anti-Fascist and anti-Nazi groups, which operated on the territory of Slovenia in the period before the Axis Powers attacked Yugoslavia. Of particular importance, therefore, is the information the document gives about the meetings between A.C. Lawrenson and Ivan Rudolf, who had contacts with the TIGR organization of the Primorska region. The document speaks about the sabotage and propaganda actions, which were organized in Ljubljana in the years 1939-1940, and which also covered the territory across the Italian and Austrian border, particularly in the regions of Primorska (Slovenian Litoral) and Koroška (Carinthia).

Historical documentation