Dr Ivan Marija Čok as the OSS Employee


  • Dušan Biber


Second World War, Anti-fascism, Intelligence service, international relations, Ivan Marija Čok


Dr. Ivan Marija Čok (1886-1948), a lawyer and politician from Trieste, was President of the Yugoslav Committee in Italy. He had worked for the Yugoslav and the British intelligence services even before the Axis attacked Yugoslavia. In 1943 and 1944, he was also employed by the American intelligence service (Office of Strategic Services), at first in the Special Operations Department and, after that, in the Secret Intelligence Service. He wrote a series of political analyses reporting on the occupied Yugoslavia and political figures, and strove to establish close links between the OSS and his compatriots in the Royal Yugoslav Army in the Near East. At the beginning of 1944 he invited them to join Tito’s partisans. After complaints had been made against him by the British, he agreed to terminate his working relation with the OSS.