The Autogenous and Unrecognised Provincial Committee of the Liberation Front for Gorenjska


  • Vida Deželak Barič Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino, Kongresni trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana


Liberation Front of the Slovenian people, Communist Party of Slovenia, National Liberation War, strategy and tactics, Chetnik movement, Gorenjska


On the basis of archive sources, the author deals with the formation of the Provincial Liberation Front Committee for Gorenjska. This Committee was established in December 1942, independently of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Slovenia for Gorenjska (PCCPS), by one of its members and some businessmen. It operated until Autumn 1943. It was never recognized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Slovenia (CCCPS), which disagreed with its composition and political orientation. From the social class viewpoint the Central and Regional Committees of the Communist Party of Slovenia regarded its members as unreliable allies. Consequently, they sought to prevent their further independent political activity by limiting it to the material and financial support of the National Liberation Movement. The Committee's political interest was focused above all on the end of the war and the seizure of power, while the armed struggle against the occupier was of secondary importance. The liaison between the Committee and the chief of the Gestapo in Gorenjska proved fatal for most of its members.






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