The Work of the German Cultural Committee in the Kočevje Region (1941-1942)

  • Mitja Ferenc Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, oddelek za zgodovino, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Aškereva c. 2
Keywords: Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft , Kočevje Germans, cultural heritage, SS research and Education Group


In July 1941, amidst the preparations to transfer the Germans from Kočevje, Heinrich Himmler, in compliance with an agreement with Italy, ordered the SS Research and Education Group "Heritage" (die Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft "Das Ahnenerbe") from Berlin to organize the transfer of the above Germans to their new living location in Posavje, with the aim of safeguarding their material and spiritual goods. To this end the group founded a cultural committee in the Kočevje region, which also operated in Ljubljana from October 1941 to June 1942. The Committee had to deal with the inconveniences of a harsh winter and the transfer of people as well as the lack of cooperation from the locals and adequate accommodation. In its own judgment, the Committee implemented only one part of its programme. It did, however, succeed in collecting and partly transferring the cultural heritage of the Kočevje Germans.