Pre-Election Economic Programme ofthe Demos Coalition


  • Blaž Babič Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino


Slovenia, political parties, elections, economic programmes, Demos, Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia


The following discussion focuses on the economic programmes which the parties of the Demos coalition (Democratic Opposition of Slovenia) presented at the April 1990 elections, when for the first time after World War II the eligible voters were able to choose between different parties and their programmes. The author of the discussion presents the economic and political situation immediately preceding these elections. He mostly focuses on the economic programme of Demos as well as on the programmes which the parties - members of the Demos coalition - presented independently at the elections into the socio-political Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. The discussion concludes with the questions: "To what degree did the economic programmes actually influence the results of the elections?" and "Which of the announced changes in the field of economy were even feasible in the time when Slovenia was still a part of Yugoslavia, or which changes involved a rearrangement of the relations between the republics either in the form of confederation or separation of the Republic of Slovenia?"