Supply Organisation at the Slovenian Liberated Territories and Preparations for the Post-War Period

  • Bojan Himmelreich Zgodovinski arhiv Celje
Keywords: World War II, Slovenia, national liberation movement, economy, Slovenian National Liberation Council, liberated territories, life's necessities, food ration coupons, UNRRA


On the basis of archive resources and literature, the following article focuses on the normative activities of the governing bodies of the Slovenian national liberation movement during the occupation lasting from 1941 to 1945 with regard to the supply of everyday items to the population and the bodies forming with the intention of managing supply and trade. The article also demonstrates the development of these bodies and the plans with regard to the organisation and individual steps in the supply chain, from the harvesting of produce to its distribution among the people, as well as the forms and proprietorship of the trade network. The reliance on the aid of the allies is demonstrated. The article also presents the records made at the Department of Supply of the Presidency of the Slovenian People's Liberation Council with regard to the plans of action during the takeover of power. These plans supplemented the more general and long-term measures, taking into account the actual and short-term measures during and after the takeover of power as the occupiers were driven out. The article also addresses the economic delegations of the Slovenian People's Liberation Council outside the Slovenian territory - in Belgrade and Split. These delegations were formed especially due to the activities in the regions where goods were harvested and taken over for Slovenia, and where decisions were made about the division of these goods.