Italian Historiography on the Mutiny of the 97th Infantry Regiment in Radgona in 1918

  • Ivan Vogrič
Keywords: First World War, army, military mutinies, historiography, Austria-Hungary, Italy


In the paper the author compares the attitudes of the Slovene and the Italian historiographies towards the mutiny of the supplementary battalion of the 97th Infantry Regiment in Radgona at the end of May 1918. He concludes that the results of their separate studies do not completely agree, since the two historiographies focused on different issues; the Slovene studied this event in greater depth, whereas the Italian, even in their recent consideration of the Infantry Regiment, chose to focus on the phenomena, such as deviousness, defeatism and desertion. After many decades, several details, such as the nationality of some mutiny leaders who were sentenced to death, remain unexplained. This is also due to the fact that they originated from areas where different cultures and nationalities mingled.


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