Župančič's Poem "Kovaška" and the Preporodovci Movement

  • Ivan Vogrič
Keywords: Oton Župančič, Kovaška, the Preporodovci movement, socially conscious literature


The author emphasises the influence that Oton Župančič had on the members of the Preporodovci movement, a national radical group named after the newspaper called Preporod (Renaissance). This movement was active before World War I, especially among pupils and students. The author especially focuses on the poem Kovaška (The Blacksmiths' Song), published for the first time 100 years ago and chosen as a motto of the aforementioned group in the Preporod newspaper. It is interesting that the influence of this poem can also be felt in the symbolism connected to this movement and in the names for its key members ("kovači" and "kladivarji"). The author also establishes that the Kovaška poem is an example of socially conscious literature, similarly as certain other Župančič's poems from that period.


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