Women in the Labour Market or a Time of Changes (1880-1910)

Čas sprememb 1880-1910

  • Sabina Žnidaršič Žagar
Keywords: Austria, Carniola, women, employment, occupation, statistics


The paper deals with the issue of women's integration and adaptation to the new conditions in the market of labour and earning in Carniola, which were dictated by a gradual establishment of a capitalist and industrial production. An analysis has been made on the basis of the occupational statistics (Berufsstatistik) which were published by the Austrian government after the decennial, general censuses between 1880 and 1910. This analysis shows that the women in Carniola participated intensively in the new processes, that the number of earning women increased over the passing decades, not only in agriculture but also in other sectors of the economy, and that special and different conditions, from those of men, were applied to them in the labour market. The economic sector, the occupation and the manner in which women could earn was very much determined by the level of economic development in a given political district, as well as by the situation in the labour market.