On the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Modern National Population Censuses in our Territory

  • Sabina Žnidaršič Žagar oc., Fakulteta za humanistične študije Univerze na Primorskem, SI-6000 Koper, Titov trg5
Keywords: Austro-Hungary, Yugoslavia, Drava Banate, Socialist Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Slovenia, Carniola, statistics


In the end of October 2007, a hundred and fifty years passed since the first census, corresponding to the basic criteria of modern censuses, has been carried out in the Austrian monarchy. In this sense the Austrian monarchy became the leading European country. The solutions that the Austrian statistics came up with in some of its parts are definitely unique. That is especially true of its occupational statistics, the so-called Berufsstatistik. Austrian occupational statistics offers us a range of possibilities not only for statistic but, due to its specifics, also for interpretative analysis.