Manoeuvre Structure of National Protection (MSNP) between Strategic Concept and Tactical Realisation

  • Uroš Svete Fakulteta za družbene vede Univerze v Ljubljani, Katedra za obramboslovje, Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Slovenia, attainment of independence, Manoeuvre Structures of National Protection, National protection, defence preparing, militia, Territorial Defence, defence forces, national security


In spite of relatively short period of existence, the Manoeuvre Structures of National Protection (MSNP) presents very complex topics demanding multidisciplinary and multilevel approach. Firstly, from aiming and functionality points of view, their origins goes back to (self)defence activities, following Yugoslav People’s Army attempt for disarming Slovenian Territorial Defence in May 1990. Secondly, although National protection was an existing but antiquated institution, (unique to Slovenia), intended to enable the republic to form an ad hoc defence structure, akin to a Home Guard, it was a cover for secret alternative command structure and a way how new elected republic leadership tried to control TD which was formally a part of joint Yugoslav armed forces. And thirdly, MSNP presents conceptualisation of unique Slovenian defence forces, composed military (Territorial defence) and militia/police units. The article presents all hazards analysis from strategic concept till tactical realisation, combining history, politology, sociology and security theories.