Unemployment and Employment Policy in Slovenia Before the Second World War

  • Barbara Kresal
Keywords: unemployment, employment policy, labour exchange, National Employment Agency, unemployment benefit, social insurance, workers' apartments


In the paper, the author deals with unemployment and the legal aspects of the employment policy in Slovenia between mid nineteenth century and the beginning of the Second World War. The main traits, trends and causes of unemployment on the Slovene territory are examined, as well as the approaches to deal with it in various periods. An employment policy and the main traits of the labour market in Slovenia before the Second World War are shown as well. In Slovenia - as in other European countries - the first widespread unemployment occurred after the First World War. In response, the government started to address this problem more actively by passing relevant legislation. This provided a legal basis for the development of care for the unemployed and an employment system. At the end of 1918, the National Employment Agency was founded.