A Storm in a Teacup?

Riots in Celje in 1899 as seen by the Czech Daily, Politik

  • Eva Holz
Keywords: politics, Austro-Hungarian Empire, interethnic relations, liberal-conservative differences, liberals, conservatives,


In 1899, inter-ethnic relations in the Austro-Hungarian Empire became very strained. In August that year, Czech students organized an excursion to some Slovene places provoking a sharp reaction among the local Germans. Things came to a head during their visit to Celje on 9 and 10 August. The events that accompanied the students' visit to Slovenia were recorded in the Prague daily, Politik. The paper reported warm welcomes in Kranj, Bled, Ljubljana and Postojna. Special attention was given to the events in Celje, involving the Czechs. Most papers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire covered the rioting by the Celje Germans during the visit of the Czech students. The papers in the German Reich also covered the events, since the German demonstrators in Celje openly called for the end of the Habsburg Empire and its annexation to Germany. Only direct participants were sentenced for the political slogans and the physical damage caused during the riots.