Transport and Its Employees between 1869 and 1910 on the Slovene Territory

  • Jasna Fischer Fischer
Keywords: Austria-Hungary, Slovenia, nineteenth century, service activities, road transport, railway transport, sea transport, employment


In the paper, the author shows the development of land and water transport on the Slovene territory, based on official statistical data on the active population employed in this service activity. The development, by provinces and district governments on the Slovene ethnic territory, of land (road and rail) and water (sea) transport as well as infrastructural activities of the Post, Telephone and Telegraph, is briefly outlined. The employment dynamics in the said branches between 1869 and 1910 are analyzed using tables and graphs. The most significant finding, at which the author arrives, thanks to the analysis of official Austrian professional statistics data, is that transport was one economy sector in which, with rare exceptions, the rate of the active employed population grew regardless of economic trends in other economy sectors, experiencing no crisis or stagnation.