The 1956 Hungarian Uprising in the Eyes of Slovenia and Yugoslavia


  • Peter Vodopivec


Yugoslavia, Hungary, the 1956 uprising, Socialism, reforms, Stalinism


On the basis of the reports and articles published in Yugoslav and Slovene dailies and other periodicals, such as Naši razgledi (Our Views), the author shows how the Yugoslav public was informed about the uprising that took place in Hungary at the end of October and the beginning of November 1956. The attitude of the Yugoslav political leadership towards these events is also presented. The Yugoslav leadership sympathized with the uprising, and the massive movement that had triggered it, only as long as it appeared to have been under the control of the Hungarian government and the Communist Party, and the rebel demands were limited to the reform of the socialist system. While supporting those tendencies that could bring Hungary to the "Yugoslav path", the Yugoslav leaders firmly opposed any political changes and decisions that might have jeopardized its single-party socialist system.






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