The Defence of the Military Posts of the Slovene Home Guard

  • Tomaž Kladnik
Keywords: Second World War, Slovenia, army, Slovene Home Guard, National Liberation Army, partisan detachments, military posts


On the basis of the sources from the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, the author deals with the defence of some sixty military posts of the Slovene Home Guard, which monitored the territory of the Ljubljana Province, especially its central area and the one along its communication infrastructure. The posts, both the residential buildings and those located at the entrance to larger settlements, were increasingly fortified because of the risk of attacks by the National Liberation Army and partisan detachments. Most posts were defended with field fortification systems. As a case study, the defence of the Velike Lašče military post is presented. The paper was written on the basis of the author's doctoral thesis entitled Slovensko vojaško šolstvo in vojaške operacije 1941-194S (Slovene Military Education and Military Operations 1941-1945).