Organizational Development of the Slovene Communist Party in Gorenjska from the Spring 1941 to the Autumn 1943

  • Vida Deželak Barič Inštitut za zgodovino delavskega gibanja
Keywords: Communist party, Upper Carniola, Second world war, occupation, National Liberation War, organisation


The author gives a detailed picture of the organizational development of the Communist Party in the region of Gorenjska from the spring 1941, when 42 cells with 260 members were active, until the autumn 1943, thus covering the period between the occupation and the autumn 1943 when the Party strengthened and reorganized. During the first few months of 1942 the Gestapo infiltrated the National Liberation Movement, its organizations were, for the most part, destroyed and the Party was weak as to its membership. Organizational consolidation and membership growth began again in the autumn of 1942.