Forced Emigration of Political Agitator Fran Radešček 1911-1921

  • Irena Gantar Godina
Keywords: Slovenia, political parties, emigration, Serbia, biography


Temporary emigrant Fran Radešček Slovene political agitator, publicist and editor, had to leave his homeland twice. As a good political organizer he was great threat to the then most established Slovene political parties. Thus they forced him to leave Slovenia, first time in 1911, second time in 1912. Radešček had to leave Slovenia as an ardent National-Socialist (after the pattern of the Czech politician Vaclav Jaroslav Klofač) and Yugo-Slav. But in 1921, when he returned to Slovenia, he came back as completely different, almost irrecognizable person. His disappointment with Serbia and its policy when creating a new Yugoslav state intertwined with his disappointments with the then Slovene policy. Same as in 1911 and 1912 Radešček lacked understanding after his return to Slovenia in 1921, too.