Geographic Origin of Veterans, Members of Partisan Units in the Spring of 1942 and the Uprising of the Slovene Nation


  • Damijan Guštin Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino


2. svetovna vojna, Slovenija, partizani, NOB, rekrutacija, ljudska vstaja


Using records from archives and statistical data the author analyzes the geographic origin of members of some units of the Slovene partisan troops in the first half of 1942 when their number was rapidly growing (from some 600 in January to about 5400 at the beginning of July 1942). Approximately 80% of all members of partisan units were recruited from the Ljubljana region. In some townships up to 18%» of total population volunteered to join the partisan units, yet the percentage drops considerably when major territorial and administrative districts are taken into account. Consequently, the term »uprising of the Slovene nation« may adequately by used only when reference is made to fairly defined smaller areas.






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